Creating an outline is an important step when writing an information product. If you just start writing without direction it can be difficult to format everything you want to say into one clear structure. Here are a few steps to creating your information product outline:

The way that I always start an information product is by just taking down a bunch of ideas. Then we can refine everything that we cam up with later on.

You may want to take a legal pad or notebook and on one page just start jotting down ideas you would like to include in your product as they come to you. Don’t worry too much about structure at this point, you just want to get all your ideas out on paper. Anything you can think off which may be a good fit for your product, write it down.

Information Product Brainstorming

You can also write questions down such as “who needs this product?” “why this product is necessary”, etc. Once you’ve written all your thoughts for your information Product, take a second sheet of paper and create an outline. You want to write things down in the actual order they will appear in your product. Your outline may include some of the following things:* Introduction* Copyright page* Disclaimer page* Body of the book * Closing* Recommended ResourcesNow you want to take the body of the book and break that into main sections. For example one section may be called “Getting Started” while another may be called “Marketing your Business”. Of course, it will depend on your subject but this should give you a general structure idea. Now for each section such as “Getting Started” write down each sub section that corresponds to “Getting Started”. Lets say you’re product is about starting a website design business then under getting started you may include – “Who Needs Web Design Services?” – “How Much Can a Web designer Expect to Earn?” and so on. 

Outlining you Information Product

By the time you finish going through each section you have a rough outline. Now read through it. Does it all flow nicely? Would some of the information fit better in another section of the book? Did you leave something out or should you add something else? Edit and tweak it a little then leave it for at least 24 hours. After a nice rest go back to it and look it over again with a fresh and open mind and make any necessary changes. Once you’re happy with your structure it’s time to start writing! 

Before you know it you will have you first information product complete. After that we need to market it and start to sell it, by following our blog you will get some ideas on how to get that done.

Creating and informational product is quite easy once you have worked through the steps at least once. It will get easier if you plan on making a second one. I have created around 20 information products to date. Once you master it you can churn them out really fast.

Another great way to make money is to promote and sell other people’s information products.

Learning More about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is still a great way to make money online. Most people over look it because they want something fast. If you want to create a passive income stream you need to look at affiliate marketing.

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