Guide to Starting a Successful Blog

Guide to Starting a Successful Blog

Looking for some useful information to help you create your own blog? You have come to the right place. Not only will this article help you create successful blog posts, but also guide you on how to grow your traffic optimally. But before we plunge into the details, you need to ask yourself if you really want to adopt it as a profession.

The article further takes you through the essential steps required to grow your website traffic. Blogging is an integral part of growing a website and can help you make more than $ 45,000 a month as passive income. Engaging traffic could only be beneficial for your website if your audience shares your articles and blog posts.

However, if the traffic on your website does nothing except visiting your portal, it is not easy to earn profits. That means only creating numbers on the website will not grow your website traffic.

Here we have created some simple steps that you need to follow for starting a blog.

For creating your own blog, it is substantially important to understand that free hosting will not help you. You will need your own hosting or domain service.

  • Find a domain or hosting name
  • Create your website and customize it accordingly
  • Make sure to add high-quality content to it
  • Make it keyword optimized
  • Promote it

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Building a Blog with BlueHost is fast and easy.

I highly recommend building your blog with BlueHost because it very affordable and there hosting servers are rock solid. I worked out a deal to with them to knock the price down to 3.95 a month. 


There is no denying that getting a better hosting or domain than BlueHost is impossible. Not only does it work well, but it is also extremely affordable. The hosting domain is an ideal choice for people who have restricted budgets. The domain is great to host your website online. Plus, you can use it as your website name, especially if your website doesn’t have a name.

Sign Up for a suitable plan to host your blog

The second step is to opt for a plan that is suitable and affordable for you.  We will recommend you to choose the $3.95 plan as it doesn’t cost you much. You no longer need to worry if your current host seems unsuitable. With BlueHost, you can avail the option of free migration.  

Here you need to be vigilant about your domain name. Once you have chosen it, changing it can be daunting. Plus, if you wish to work on a blog post that is active and can help you attract good traffic, we’ll advise you to make it as brand-able as you can.  Add something catchy and worth remembering.

The domain name you choose should be some that people will remember and also something that will make people want to visit your site. The big thing is your domain name should be something related to niche that your site covers.

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BlueHost Login

After choosing a plan, you can easily go to your domain section with the help of BlueHost. In case you already have a domain name, transferring it from the domain section is a breeze.

The process is easy from there. You need to check the availability of your domain name and if it’s free, you will have to add your personal and payment details. You can skip the next page except for domain privacy.  

The given steps are easy as long as you follow the instructions. BlueHost is definitely a good option in terms of pricing and hosting your blog.

Install WordPress with Basic Settings

Just a few clicks and basic setting and you are done with this step.

All you need is to follow the instructions and WordPress will be automatically installed.

  • Create a password and pick up a theme for the website (the theme can be changed later if you want)

  • Click the button ‘Start Building’
  • All is done! Here you need to launch your website
    • Once it’s done. Click BlueHost         Home        Launch
    • Name your blog and then click “Next Step”
    • This is it! Enjoy your newly created website and start blogging!

    After all this, you will be shown a page that has multiple options to help you customize your website.

    Drive Traffic Flow to your Blog

    The given steps will guide you on how to drive traffic flow to your blog post without spending a cent.

    Keep Your Keywords Small Volume

    This is of paramount importance, and is often overlooked when people create their websites. Always choose the keywords with small volume. It will keep you on the front page without causing any backlinks. Choose as much as you can and use them at different places in your article.  

    Imagine your article makes it to the front page because of five keywords and there are at least 200 searches a month, it will add up to 1000 a month. That means your article is read by 1000 potential readers. You can imagine how this formula will work for multiple articles that are written in a month. It is an ideal way to get your ranking improved faster.

    In addition to that, Using Google Keyword planner can also benefit you in choosing keywords. Just put a specific keyword in it and it will show a number of useful suggestions. Once you start inserting Google suggested keywords in your articles, it will start recognizing your posts and you will be positioned on the front page.

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    Be an Active member on Forums Relevant to Your Niche

    It is another good technique to drive traffic to your website. All you have to do is find forums that are relevant to your niche and become an active member. Get engaged with people by replying to their comments or offering them tutorials.

    Answer Queries Relevant to your Niche

    Answer questions that are related to your niche. It is undeniably very effective to get traffic. Quora is a good platform you can drop your link after answering a query.

    Participate in Guest Posting

    Similar to that, writing on guest posts is another smart tip to get traffic to your site while making your mark on Google. Guest posting is all about writing articles for various websites and linking them to your portal. If it is found by potential readers, it will increase traffic on your link.

    Final Thoughts

    All in all, creating your own website and starting a blog post is easier than you think. If you follow the aforementioned tips and suggestions you will be able to create a website, post articles and optimize it in not more than two to three months. So, build up your blog by using the methods and enjoy your passive income.