You've finally started a blog and you've made your first post. Now how do you get people in front what you're blogging about? This one of the most asked questions that i get on a regular basis.

Here are some of the best tips on promoting your blog.

Blogging for traffic.

1) Quality Content - Interesting and fresh new content will keep your readership returning. Update your blog on a regular basis.

Googlebot, which is Google's web-crawling robot loves good content. The more you update your blog, the more frequent the search engine spiders will return to it to distribute your content to the web. Staying active is one the main parts of having a successful blog. The more article and activity from your blog, the better chance you have to go viral.

Blogging in the forums.

2) Always take part in forums that are related to blogging or the blogging related subjects such as writing. Ask other bloggers for their opinion on your blog and take their suggestions to make changes and test new ideas. Getting advice and second opinions from people that are in the trenches with you is a great idea.

Ask other bloggers for their opinion on your blog and take their suggestions to heart.

RSS Feed for your Blog

3) Publish an RSS/Atom/XML feed. If you're using Blogger, you can turn on RSS feed by clicking on settings in your dashboard and then clicking on site feed and make sure that your settings are set to yes. WordPress people only need to publish and your RSS is created automatically.

Your Blogging Subject will make A huge Difference in who will follow you.

4) Carefully choose your subject titles, taking into consideration what other internet users may be searching for.

Use keywords in your title that will grab attention. I suggest subscribing to Word Tracker. Use your searching knowable to search the web for what is popular. Find a popular subject and write about it.  writing about what people want to read is the best way to gain followers.

Comment On Other Blogs

5) Involve yourself in commenting on other blogs. You can gain a loyal readership just by offering feedback to your fellow bloggers. The comment feature allows you to add a link back to your blog as well. Help others in there pursuit of blogging is another great way to gain followers.

This is overlooked by a lot of bloggers, but chances are if you comment on a blog that has a similar topic to your's then you might pull some viewers from it. 

Use you Blog Signature to Advertise your Blog.

6) Be sure to include your blog address in forum signatures and in your email signature. Its always a great idea to use this signature to add one more link to your blog and maybe get a few more followers. 

Blog Directories

7) Submit your blog to directories. This does work by giving people that would have never found your blog, by search engine traffic an​other way to access your blog

Submit your blog's url to EatonWeb, DMOZ and OnTopList.

Notify the Web When you Update your Blog

8) If you're using blogging software such as Blogger or wordpress. You should always notify the world when you have made updates to your blog services (such as whenever you've made a new entry to your blog. Make sure that you always do this to maximize you search engine traffic.

If your site is not indexed you will never get traffic. 

Links to other Blogs

9) Link to other blogs. Use services like blogrolling, which is similar to linking. Blogrolling allows you to maintain an updated list of your favorite blogs. But, don't build a long blog roll of sites that you have no intention of returning to. There is nothing more annoying then visiting a blog that has a humongous blogroll.  Blogrolls can be used on your side bar in a widget on WordPress. 

Be patient, traffic doesn't happen overnight. The best way that I've found to increase traffic is by getting to know people. Spend what free time that you have, reading blogs, leaving feedback and building friendships. Try to leave comments on the blogs that you visit as often as you can.

While you are waiting for the traffic to come, just enjoy blogging. You'll be improving your writing in the process all the time. Blogging is one of the thing that I enjoy more than anything I do. So just have fun with your writing.

Eventually you'll build a network of not just readers, but friends and loyal supporters. Blogging is not just about marketing; it's about creating lasting relationships and followers.