For a lot if bloggers writing and expressing your feeling and ideas a bout a subjects comes with ease.

Many experts are able to interestingly talk about their work. Although they often doubt the relevance and relevance of the information. The main stop-fear on this topic is – “there are already several articles about this subject.” Don’t be afraid of that. We should always give out our personal opinions and take out ideas and unleash them in out writing.It is difficult to come up with some unique everyday life hacking. You can easily come up with and explain in easy terms your approach to solving a problem. With practice comes an understanding of the needs of the target audience, and, consequently your blog will become a passive profit machine.

Blog writing tip one. Do not try to create a masterpiece.

I appeal to novice authors – please do not immediately try to create a masterpiece that market professionals will applaud if you have previously written only short posts on social networks. A serious scale demoralizes and drives into a situation where for several hours you are sitting in thought before a blank sheet.Start better with simple and clear stories, where the structure emerges by itself. A specialist who discovers the talent of an author can write instructions on how to work with a tool or list the services that an entrepreneur needs in order to promote a business in the first stages. Tell about the development of the project or about the benefits of a particular product: why and who needs it, how to use it correctly, when it is useful and why it costs so much.

Blog writing tip Two. Get rid of the fear of a clean sheet.

To begin with, the author must get rid of the fear that can make him refuse to start writing articles for a long time. It is better to succumb to the flow of consciousness and in a free form to transfer thoughts to paper – with grammatical and spelling errors, without headings and clarifications, than hours of trying to come up with a cool title for the article. Extract the main points from this information, distribute the proposals by points, taking into account the existing structure, from the task director and proceed to the content.Most of the specialists at the first stages make characteristic mistakes that they do not notice due to lack of experience. Such flaws cannot be called a problem or a scornful attitude towards the task, and even less an indicator of lack of professionalism, because it is a separate skill that appears with regular practice to properly convey your knowledge to readers.

But if you know in advance about errors when writing articles, they can be avoided.

Blog writing tip three. Hacks for a novice author

-The article should be addressed to someone – a potential client, experienced or novice professionals, partners.-Information in brackets = unimportant information that the author wanted to remove, but regretted. Replace with a dash, colon, or start a separate sentence.-In the paragraph, use no more than 6 lines, so the text is better absorbed. If 8 is acceptable, everything else needs to be split into two paragraphs or more.-Avoid frequent use of the word “can”, showing the uncertainty of the author. Why would anyone read the article and listen to the advice, even if the expert doubts?-Do not repeat the same words in the same or in adjacent sentences. The exception is technical formulations, professional terms, established speed and names.-The introductory word can be removed, especially at the beginning of a sentence, if the meaning remains the same.-Avoid generalizations and bold statements – “everybody does this,” “every entrepreneur believes.”-Excellent degree of use only in extreme cases – “the greatest”, “most important”, “greatest”.-Do not talk to yourself, for example: “And how will you solve this problem? Of course, with the new tool. ”-Support the facts with references to the source. And then questions hang in the air – “Who said?”, “Why did you decide that?”.

Blog writing tip four. Typical writing problems for the blogger.

For all authors, without exception, and even more for beginners, a clear statement of the problem is important. And this is the work of a specialist who is responsible in the company for a systematic approach to publications and communication with editors in the media. Of course, the initiative of employees is welcomed and encouraged, but let’s be realistic – these are isolated cases because colleagues have core responsibilities.The more precisely you formulate the task to a specialist, the faster you will get a solution. You can’t just say so: “We need a profile article about something interesting. Will you do it in two weeks? ” If you want to get high-quality content that does not need to be rewritten or make many edits, then take the time to the topic, theses and work plan.What it looks likeTheme:”What to do if the client has blurry KPIs.”Theses:-The reason is why this happens.-KPI for different segments – typical for certain topics.-Direct the client and record the performance indicators.-Argue for work results.-Use the data for development.The working process:-A specialist prepares an invoice/sketches/ ideas / within a week.-Talk, set accents and adjust.-For two weeks the specialist writes the material.-I edit, I ask clarifying questions, I supplement.

Blog writing tip Five. Never be afraid of biased assessments.

I have not met experts who, without experience and practice, can immediately write interesting material that does not require serious revisions and adjustments. Mostly start with small notes and comments to get a hand in hand and determine the needs of the audience.You should not be afraid of repetition with the topic, criticism from colleagues with a different opinion and negative comments – you cannot avoid this. Prepare yourself for the biased assessment of some readers, and it certainly will not engage in useless disputes with the transition to the individual.The one who does nothing is not mistaken – drop your doubts and go on to popular publications with a large number of views, likes, shores and positive reviews.

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