About Online Money Nerd

Before I get started here, If your looking for a get rich quick scheme. All I can say you have come to the wrong place. You not find any of that shit on Online Money Nerd.

The reason for the creation of Online Money Nerd came from looking online and finding a lot of garbage or scams. So, I decided to research and tell everything I found out about each money-making option.

Online Money Nerd will only show everyone the best legit ways to make money online today without cost if possible. That isn’t always possible. A lot of these methods and programs require some kind of investment.

So hopefully I can help you by explaining how an opportunity works. And, in the process get you started on a path to make some extra money or maybe build a business. Building this to a profitable business online is the overall goal.

Online Money Nerd plans to add step by step details and other articles to help build skills needed to start making legit money every day. The NerdLetter is our newsletter that will show training methods, new products for online business, and other items of interest for your business.

We want to be a one stop shop of answers for all your online business needs.

About Me:

My name is Chris (AKA: OnlineMoneyNerd) I have been making money online for about 15 years now. I have done a lot of different things to make money online from writing (both articles and books), copy writing, e-com, sold services, website creation, website re-creation, solo ads, and a lot of other things.

This website will show you things the learned on my journey that has made me the online money nerd. Building an online business isn’t hard but it has its quirks. That’s where my experience comes into play. Nothing would make me happier to have more online money nerds to join me on this great path.

Are you the next Online Money Nerd?