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Leave the 9-5 Rat Race behind!

Many of students have already enrolled into my training.... are you next Online Money Nerd? I want you to have the steps needed to start your own successful blog. Subscribe below to start Blogging to freedom! training and get all my NerdLetters on a monthly basis in your email totally free of charge.

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You might ask yourself why should you listen to the Online Money Nerd?

I know what works. Because I have made all the mistakes for you. I will show you the correct way to start earning money from your blog, starting today if you give me the chance. If you follow my steps you can have a your blog up and running in a few days.

If your looking a silly get rich quick scam you have come to the wrong place.

Online Money Nerd

Here are easy steps to getting your blogging business started!

Taking action is the most important part. Build your blog from our easy to follow guide. After that staying current with whats working and trends. Our blog posts and NerdLetters will help with all that. Soon you may become the next Online Money Nerd.

Stay up to date with everything blogging, marketing for blogs, and the Online Money Nerd.  Get the latest tips from our blog to help grow your blog and gain more traffic. Below is a sample of whats trending in our blog.

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I was frustrated with the lack of courses and information about blogging. They all want you to invest 100's of dollars to get a blog up and running. This free course will get you started and only in a few days!

I can't thank the Online Money Nerd enough, there is nothing better than waking up to see how much money i made when i was asleep. Blogging is Life!

Jenn Watson 


Chris took me by the hand and showed me the steps need to start my own blog. Today i work from home, sometimes even in  my underwear.

You learn by seeing what is already working and the best part is you can get started free. It doesn't get any easier or cheaper.

Sam Jones 


What we have to offer to you.

The sole goal of the Online Money Nerd to help you create a successful blog and to help you throughout the process. It's my way to give back and use my experience that I have learned over the last 15 years of blogging.

That's where my Blogging to Freedom training course came from.

Believe me I have made some big mistake along the way. I don't want you to make the same mistakes that I did.

If you start today you can have a fully functioning blog in less than a week. You will be able to pour your heart out about your hobby or whatever interests you in your very own blog. You can write about anything that is of interest to you.

What is covered in Blogging To Freedom?

Don't like to write? I will show you ways to get around that too.

How do I make my blog stand out? We discuss this in depth and show way to make your blog a remember-able experience.

Not sure what to write about? Well, I cover that too. 

No technical Skills? Not to worry, WordPress is easy once you get your hands on it.

Monetize? I will show you how you can make a few bucks from you blog also. Maybe you can make more, but having a good foundation for your blog is the starting point. We cover this in-depth in our free course

Advanced methods for traffic? Once your blog is up and running, I will show you some methods of gaining more and more blog followers.

The training is totally free! So, you have nothing to lose except a few seconds of your time.

I hope you have a safe and great day not matter where you are on this great place, we call Earth.

Start your training today "Blogging to Freedom!" and join NerdLetter.

Its time to take action, start your business today! In about 5 days you will have fully functional blog that you can grow to become the next OnlineMoneyNerd. This training is totally Free.

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